Source code for mantidimaging.core.utility.command_line_arguments

# Copyright (C) 2024 ISIS Rutherford Appleton Laboratory UKRI
# SPDX - License - Identifier: GPL-3.0-or-later
from __future__ import annotations
from logging import getLogger
import os

from mantidimaging.core.operations.loader import load_filter_packages

logger = getLogger(__name__)

def _get_filter_names():
    return {package.filter_name.replace(" ", "-").lower(): package.filter_name for package in load_filter_packages()}

def _log_and_exit(msg: str):
    Log an error message and exit.
    :param msg: The log message.

[docs] class CommandLineArguments: _instance = None _images_path: list[str] = [] _init_operation = "" _show_recon = False _show_live_viewer = "" _show_spectrum_viewer = False def __new__(cls, path: str = "", operation: str = "", show_recon: bool = False, show_live_viewer: str = "", show_spectrum_viewer: bool = False): """ Creates a singleton for storing the command line arguments. """ if cls._instance is None: cls._instance = super().__new__(cls) valid_paths: list[str] = [] if path: for filepath in path.split(","): if not os.path.exists(filepath): _log_and_exit(f"Path {filepath} doesn't exist. Exiting.") else: valid_paths.append(filepath) cls._images_path = valid_paths if operation: command_line_names = _get_filter_names() if not cls._images_path: _log_and_exit("No path given for initial operation. Exiting.") elif operation.lower() not in command_line_names: valid_filters = ", ".join(command_line_names.keys()) _log_and_exit( f"{operation} is not a known operation. Available filters arguments are {valid_filters}." " Exiting.") else: cls._init_operation = command_line_names[operation.lower()] if show_recon and not path: _log_and_exit("No path given for reconstruction. Exiting.") else: cls._show_recon = show_recon if show_spectrum_viewer and not path: _log_and_exit("No path given for reconstruction. Exiting.") else: cls._show_spectrum_viewer = show_spectrum_viewer if show_live_viewer and show_live_viewer != cls._show_live_viewer: if not os.path.exists(show_live_viewer): _log_and_exit("Path given for live view does not exist. Exiting.") else: cls._show_live_viewer = show_live_viewer return cls._instance
[docs] @classmethod def path(cls) -> list: """ Returns the command line images path. """ return cls._images_path
[docs] @classmethod def operation(cls) -> str: """ Returns the initial operation. """ return cls._init_operation
[docs] @classmethod def recon(cls) -> bool: """ Returns whether or not the recon window should be started. """ return cls._show_recon
[docs] @classmethod def spectrum_viewer(cls) -> bool: """ Returns whether or not the recon window should be started. """ return cls._show_spectrum_viewer
[docs] @classmethod def live_viewer(cls) -> str: """ Returns live view path. """ return cls._show_live_viewer
[docs] @classmethod def clear_window_args(cls) -> None: """ Clears the command line arguments. """ cls._init_operation = "" cls._show_recon = False cls._show_spectrum_viewer = False cls._show_live_viewer = ""