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# Copyright (C) 2024 ISIS Rutherford Appleton Laboratory UKRI
# SPDX - License - Identifier: GPL-3.0-or-later
from __future__ import annotations

from typing import TYPE_CHECKING

from PyQt5.QtCore import pyqtSignal, Qt, QSignalBlocker
from PyQt5.QtGui import QColor
from PyQt5.QtWidgets import QColorDialog, QAction, QMenu, QSplitter, QWidget, QVBoxLayout

from pyqtgraph import ROI, GraphicsLayoutWidget, LinearRegionItem, PlotItem, mkPen, ViewBox

from mantidimaging.core.utility.close_enough_point import CloseEnoughPoint
from mantidimaging.core.utility.sensible_roi import SensibleROI
from mantidimaging.gui.widgets.mi_mini_image_view.view import MIMiniImageView

    from import MainWindowView  # noqa:F401   # pragma: no cover

    import numpy as np

[docs] class SpectrumROI(ROI): """ Spectrum ROI object subclassed from pyqtgraph ROI containing ROI and associated data. @param name: Name of the ROI @param sensible_roi: Sensible ROI object containing the ROI data @param args: Arguments to pass to the ROI object @param kwargs: Keyword arguments to pass to the ROI object """ sig_colour_change = pyqtSignal(str, tuple) def __init__(self, name: str, sensible_roi: SensibleROI, *args, **kwargs): kwargs["pos"] = sensible_roi.left, kwargs["size"] = sensible_roi.width, sensible_roi.height super().__init__(*args, **kwargs) self._name = name self._colour = (0, 0, 0, 255) self.maxBounds = self.parentBounds() self.addScaleHandle([1, 1], [0, 0]) self.addScaleHandle([1, 0], [0, 1]) self.addScaleHandle([0, 0], [1, 1]) self.addScaleHandle([0, 1], [1, 0]) self._selected_row = None self.roi.setAcceptedMouseButtons(Qt.MouseButton.LeftButton) = QMenu() self.change_color_action = QAction("Change ROI Colour", self) self.change_color_action.triggered.connect(self.onChangeColor)
[docs] def onChangeColor(self): current_color = QColor(*self._colour) selected_color = QColorDialog.getColor(current_color) if selected_color.isValid(): new_color = (,,, 255) self._colour = new_color self.sig_colour_change.emit(self._name, new_color)
[docs] def contextMenuEnabled(self): return True
@property def name(self) -> str: return self._name @name.setter def name(self, name: str) -> None: self._name = name @property def roi(self) -> ROI: return self @property def colour(self) -> tuple[int, int, int, int]: return self._colour @colour.setter def colour(self, colour: tuple[int, int, int, int]) -> None: self._colour = colour self.setPen(self._colour) @property def selected_row(self) -> int | None: return self._selected_row
[docs] def adjust_spec_roi(self, roi: SensibleROI) -> None: self.setPos((roi.left, self.setSize((roi.width, roi.height))
[docs] def rename_roi(self, new_name: str) -> None: self._name = new_name
[docs] class SpectrumWidget(QWidget): """ The widget containing the spectrum plot and the image projection. @param parent: The parent widget """ image: MIMiniImageView spectrum: PlotItem range_control: LinearRegionItem roi_dict: dict[str | None, ROI] last_clicked_roi: str range_changed = pyqtSignal(object) roi_clicked = pyqtSignal(object) roi_changed = pyqtSignal() roiColorChangeRequested = pyqtSignal(str, tuple) spectrum_plot_widget: SpectrumPlotWidget image_widget: SpectrumProjectionWidget def __init__(self, main_window: MainWindowView) -> None: super().__init__() self.vbox = QVBoxLayout(self) self.image_widget = SpectrumProjectionWidget(main_window) self.image = self.image_widget.image self.spectrum_plot_widget = SpectrumPlotWidget() self.spectrum = self.spectrum_plot_widget.spectrum self.splitter = QSplitter(Qt.Vertical) self.splitter.addWidget(self.image_widget) self.splitter.addWidget(self.spectrum_plot_widget) self.vbox.addWidget(self.splitter) widget_height = self.frameGeometry().height() self.splitter.setSizes([int(0.7 * widget_height), int(0.3 * widget_height)]) self.spectrum_data_dict: dict[str, np.ndarray | None] = {} self.roi_dict: dict[str | None, ROI] = {} self.colour_index = 0
[docs] def cleanup(self): self.image.cleanup()
[docs] def colour_generator(self) -> tuple[int, int, int, int]: """ A random colour generator to colour ROIs boarders. Generates colours that are easy to see for colour blind people if colour_blind_friendly is True. By default colour_blind_friendly is set to False @return: A random colour in RGBA format. (0-255, 0-255, 0-255, 0-255) """ accessible_colours = [(255, 194, 10), (153, 79, 0), (64, 176, 166), (230, 97, 0), (93, 58, 155), (26, 255, 26), (12, 123, 220), (254, 254, 98), (211, 95, 183), (220, 50, 43)] if self.colour_index == len(accessible_colours): self.colour_index = 0 colour = accessible_colours[self.colour_index] self.colour_index += 1 return colour + (255, )
[docs] def change_roi_colour(self, name: str, colour: tuple[int, int, int, int]) -> None: """ Change the colour of an existing ROI @param name: The name of the ROI. @param colour: The new colour of the ROI. """ self.roi_dict[name].colour = colour self.roi_dict[name].setPen(self.roi_dict[name].colour)
[docs] def set_roi_visibility_flags(self, name: str, visible: bool) -> None: """ Change the visibility of an existing ROI including handles and update the ROI dictionary, sending a signal to the main window. @param name: The name of the ROI. @param visible: The new visibility of the ROI. """ handles = self.roi_dict[name].getHandles() for handle in handles: handle.setVisible(visible) self.roi_dict[name].setVisible(visible)
[docs] def set_roi_alpha(self, name: str, alpha: float) -> None: """ Change the alpha value of an existing ROI @param name: The name of the ROI. @param alpha: The new alpha value of the ROI. """ self.roi_dict[name].colour = self.roi_dict[name].colour[:3] + (alpha, ) self.roi_dict[name].setPen(self.roi_dict[name].colour) self.roi_dict[name].hoverPen = mkPen(self.roi_dict[name].colour, width=3) self.set_roi_visibility_flags(name, bool(alpha))
[docs] def add_roi(self, roi: SensibleROI, name: str) -> None: """ Add an ROI to the image view. @param roi: The ROI to add. @param name: The name of the ROI. """ roi_object = SpectrumROI(name, roi, rotatable=False, scaleSnap=True, translateSnap=True) roi_object.colour = self.colour_generator() roi_object.sig_colour_change.connect(lambda name, color: self.roiColorChangeRequested.emit(name, color)) self.roi_dict[name] = roi_object.roi self.max_roi_size = roi_object.size() self.roi_dict[name].sigRegionChangeFinished.connect(self.roi_changed.emit) self.roi_dict[name].sigClicked.connect(self.roi_clicked.emit) self.image.vb.addItem(self.roi_dict[name]) self.roi_dict[name].hoverPen = mkPen(self.roi_dict[name].colour, width=3)
[docs] def adjust_roi(self, new_roi: SensibleROI, roi_name: str): """ Adjust the existing ROI with the given name. @param new_roi: The new SpectrumROI to replace the existing SpectrumROI @param roi_name: The name of the existing ROI. """ self.roi_dict[roi_name].adjust_spec_roi(new_roi)
[docs] def get_roi(self, roi_name: str) -> SensibleROI: """ Get the ROI with the given name. If no name is given, the default ROI is returned. @param roi_name: The name of the ROI to return. @return: The ROI with the given name. """ if roi_name in self.roi_dict.keys(): pos = CloseEnoughPoint(self.roi_dict[roi_name].pos()) size = CloseEnoughPoint(self.roi_dict[roi_name].size()) return SensibleROI.from_points(pos, size) elif roi_name == "all": pos = CloseEnoughPoint((0, 0)) size = CloseEnoughPoint(self.max_roi_size) return SensibleROI.from_points(pos, size) else: raise KeyError(f"ROI with name {roi_name} does not exist in self.roi_dict or and is not 'all'")
[docs] def remove_roi(self, roi_name: str) -> None: """ Remove a given ROI by name unless it is 'roi' or 'all'. @param roi_name: The name of the ROI to remove. """ if roi_name in self.roi_dict.keys() and roi_name != "all": self.image.vb.removeItem(self.roi_dict[roi_name]) del self.roi_dict[roi_name]
[docs] def rename_roi(self, old_name: str, new_name: str) -> None: """ Rename a given ROI and corresponding spectrum by name unless it is called 'roi' or 'all' @param old_name: The name of the ROI to rename. @param new_name: The new name of the ROI. @raise KeyError: If the new name is already in use or equal to 'roi' or 'all'. """ if old_name in self.roi_dict.keys() and new_name not in self.roi_dict.keys(): self.roi_dict[new_name] = self.roi_dict.pop(old_name) self.spectrum_data_dict[new_name] = self.spectrum_data_dict.pop(old_name) self.roi_dict[new_name].rename_roi(new_name)
[docs] class CustomViewBox(ViewBox): def __init__(self, *args, **kwds): #kwds['enableMenu'] = False ViewBox.__init__(self, *args, **kwds) self.setMouseMode(self.PanMode)
[docs] def keyPressEvent(self, event): if event.key() == Qt.Key_Control: self.setMouseMode(self.RectMode) for child in self.allChildren(): if isinstance(child, LinearRegionItem): child.setMovable(False) elif isinstance(child, SpectrumROI): child.translatable = False
[docs] def keyReleaseEvent(self, event): if event.key() == Qt.Key_Control: self.rbScaleBox.hide() self.setMouseMode(self.PanMode) for child in self.allChildren(): if isinstance(child, LinearRegionItem): child.setMovable(True) elif isinstance(child, SpectrumROI): child.translatable = True
## reimplement right-click to zoom out
[docs] def mouseClickEvent(self, ev): if ev.button() == Qt.MouseButton.RightButton and not self.menuEnabled(): self.autoRange() else: ViewBox.mouseClickEvent(self, ev)
## reimplement mouseDragEvent to disable continuous axis zoom
[docs] def mouseDragEvent(self, ev, axis=None): if axis is not None and ev.button() == Qt.MouseButton.RightButton: ev.ignore() elif ev.button() == Qt.MouseButton.LeftButton: ViewBox.mouseDragEvent(self, ev) else: ViewBox.mouseDragEvent(self, ev, axis=axis)
[docs] class SpectrumPlotWidget(GraphicsLayoutWidget): spectrum: PlotItem range_control: LinearRegionItem range_changed = pyqtSignal(object) def __init__(self) -> None: super().__init__() self.spectrum_viewbox = CustomViewBox(enableMenu=True) self.spectrum = self.addPlot(viewBox=self.spectrum_viewbox) self.nextRow() self._tof_range_label = self.addLabel() self.nextRow() self._image_index_range_label = self.addLabel() self.range_control = LinearRegionItem() self.range_control.sigRegionChangeFinished.connect(self._handle_tof_range_changed), 1)
[docs] def get_tof_range(self) -> tuple[float, float]: r_min, r_max = self.range_control.getRegion() return r_min, r_max
def _handle_tof_range_changed(self) -> None: tof_range = self.get_tof_range() self.set_tof_range_label(tof_range[0], tof_range[1]) self.range_changed.emit(tof_range)
[docs] def add_range(self, range_min: int | float, range_max: int | float) -> None: with QSignalBlocker(self.range_control): self.range_control.setBounds((range_min, range_max)) self.range_control.setRegion((range_min, range_max)) self.spectrum.addItem(self.range_control) self.set_tof_range_label(range_min, range_max)
[docs] def set_tof_range_label(self, range_min: float, range_max: float) -> None: self._tof_range_label.setText(f'ToF range: {range_min:.3f} - {range_max:.3f}')
[docs] def set_image_index_range_label(self, range_min: int, range_max: int) -> None: self._image_index_range_label.setText(f'Image index range: {range_min} - {range_max}')
[docs] def set_tof_axis_label(self, tof_axis_label: str) -> None: self.spectrum.setLabel('bottom', text=tof_axis_label)
[docs] class SpectrumProjectionWidget(GraphicsLayoutWidget): image: MIMiniImageView def __init__(self, parent: MainWindowView) -> None: super().__init__(parent) self._main_window = parent self.image = MIMiniImageView(name="Projection", view_box_type=CustomViewBox) self.addItem(self.image, 0, 0), 3) nan_check_menu = [("Crop Coordinates", lambda: self._main_window.presenter.show_operation("Crop Coordinates")), ("NaN Removal", lambda: self._main_window.presenter.show_operation("NaN Removal"))] self.image.enable_nan_check(actions=nan_check_menu)