Mantid Imaging is a graphical toolkit for performing 3D reconstruction of neutron tomography data. It provides an easy-to-use graphical interface to a wide range of pre/post-processing operations, tilt correction and reconstruction algorithms, accommodating for tomography users with varying data complexity and image analysis background knowledge. It utilises a flexible plugin system that allows easy integration of external software, and has allowed us to re-use software widely known in the neutron tomography community.

Mantid Imaging User interface showing lego man dataset

Please cite as: Akello-Egwel, Dolica; Allen, Jack; Baust, Rachel; Gigg, Martyn; Jones, Samuel; Meigh, Ashley; Nixon, Daniel; Stock, Samuel; Sullivan, Michael; Tasev, Dimitar; Taylor, Will; Tygier, Sam. (2024). Mantid Imaging (2.7.0), Zenodo

(See Zenodo for citing specific versions).

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