class MainWindowView, live_dir_path: Path)[source]#

Bases: BaseMainWindowView

Live Viewer window view class. This class is responsible for handling user interaction with the window.

closeEvent(e) None[source]#

Close the window and remove it from the main window list

imageLayout: QVBoxLayout#
remove_image() None[source]#

Remove the image from the view.

set_image_index(index: int) None[source]#

Set the position on the z-slider, triggering valueChanged signal once

set_image_range(index_range: tuple[int, int]) None[source]#

Set the range on the z-slider, without triggering valueChanged signal


Set the image rotation angle which will be read in by the presenter

show() None[source]#

Show the window

show_most_recent_image(image: ndarray) None[source]#

Show the most recently modified image in the image view. @param image: The image to show

watch_directory() None[source]#

Show the most recent image arrived in the selected directory