Bases: object

add_180_deg_to_dataset(dataset_id: UUID, _180_deg_file: str) ImageStack[source]#

Loads the 180 projection and adds this to a given Dataset ID. :param dataset_id: The ID of the Dataset. :param _180_deg_file: The location of the 180 projection. :return: The loaded 180 ImageStack object.

add_dataset_to_model(dataset: StrictDataset | MixedDataset) None[source]#
add_log_to_sample(images_id: UUID, log_file: Path) None[source]#
add_projection_angles_to_sample(images_id: UUID, proj_angles: ProjectionAngles) None[source]#
add_recon_to_dataset(recon_data: ImageStack, stack_id: UUID) UUID[source]#

Adds a recon to a dataset using recon data and an ID from one of the stacks in the dataset. :param recon_data: The recon data. :param stack_id: The ID of one of the member stacks. :return: The ID of the parent dataset if found.

add_shutter_counts_to_sample(images_id: UUID, shutter_counts_file: Path) None[source]#

Adds the shutter counts file to the sample associated with the given images ID. :param images_id (uuid.UUID): The ID of the images. :param shutter_counts_file (Path): The path to the shutter counts file. :raises RuntimeError: If the images with the given ID cannot be found. :returns None

do_images_saving(images_id: uuid.UUID, output_dir: str, name_prefix: str, image_format: str, overwrite: bool, pixel_depth: str, progress: Progress) bool[source]#
do_load_dataset(parameters: LoadingParameters, progress: Progress) StrictDataset[source]#
do_nexus_saving(dataset_id: UUID, path: str, sample_name: str, save_as_float: bool) bool[source]#
get_existing_180_id(dataset_id: UUID) UUID | None[source]#

Gets the ID of the 180 projection object in a Dataset. :param dataset_id: The Dataset ID. :return: The 180 ID if found, None otherwise.

get_images_by_uuid(images_uuid: UUID) ImageStack | None[source]#
get_parent_dataset(member_id: UUID) UUID[source]#

Takes the ID of an image stack and returns the ID of its parent strict dataset. :param member_id: The ID of the image stack. :return: The ID of the parent dataset if found.

get_recon_list_id(parent_id: UUID) UUID[source]#
property image_ids: list[UUID]#
property images: list[ImageStack]#
is_dataset_strict(ds_id: UUID) bool[source]#

ds_id – The dataset ID


True if the dataset is Strict, False otherwise

load_images_into_mixed_dataset(file_path: str, progress: Progress) MixedDataset[source]#
property proj180s: list[ImageStack]#
raise_error_when_images_not_found(images_id: UUID) NoReturn[source]#
raise_error_when_parent_dataset_not_found(images_id: UUID) NoReturn[source]#
raise_error_when_parent_strict_dataset_not_found(images_id: UUID) NoReturn[source]#
property recon_list_ids: list[UUID]#
remove_container(container_id: UUID) list[UUID][source]#

Removes a container from the model. :param container_id: The ID of the dataset or image stack. :return: A list of the IDs of all the image stacks that were deleted from the model if a match was found, None