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# Copyright (C) 2022 ISIS Rutherford Appleton Laboratory UKRI
# SPDX - License - Identifier: GPL-3.0-or-later
import uuid
from dataclasses import dataclass
from typing import Optional, List

import numpy as np

from import Images
from import ReconList

def _delete_stack_error_message(images_id: uuid.UUID) -> str:
    return f"Unable to delete stack: Images with ID {images_id} not present in dataset."

[docs] class BaseDataset: def __init__(self, name: str = ""): self._id: uuid.UUID = uuid.uuid4() self.recons = ReconList() self._name = name self._sinograms: Optional[Images] = None @property def id(self) -> uuid.UUID: return self._id @property def name(self) -> str: return self._name @name.setter def name(self, arg: str): self._name = arg @property def sinograms(self) -> Optional[Images]: return self._sinograms @sinograms.setter def sinograms(self, sino: Optional[Images]): self._sinograms = sino @property def all(self): raise NotImplementedError()
[docs] def delete_stack(self, images_id: uuid.UUID): raise NotImplementedError()
[docs] def replace(self, images_id: uuid.UUID, new_data: np.ndarray): for image in self.all: if == images_id: = new_data return raise KeyError(f"Unable to replace: Images with ID {images_id} not present in dataset.")
def __contains__(self, images_id: uuid.UUID) -> bool: return any([ == images_id for image in self.all]) @property def all_image_ids(self) -> List[uuid.UUID]: return [ for image_stack in self.all if image_stack is not None]
[docs] def delete_recons(self): self.recons.clear()
[docs] class MixedDataset(BaseDataset): def __init__(self, stacks: List[Images] = [], name: str = ""): super().__init__(name=name) self._stacks = stacks @property def all(self) -> List[Images]: all_images = self._stacks + self.recons.stacks if self.sinograms is None: return all_images return all_images + [self.sinograms]
[docs] def delete_stack(self, images_id: uuid.UUID): for image in self._stacks: if == images_id: self._stacks.remove(image) return for recon in self.recons: if == images_id: self.recons.remove(recon) return if self.sinograms is not None and == images_id: self.sinograms = None return raise KeyError(_delete_stack_error_message(images_id))
[docs] @dataclass class StrictDataset(BaseDataset): sample: Images flat_before: Optional[Images] = None flat_after: Optional[Images] = None dark_before: Optional[Images] = None dark_after: Optional[Images] = None def __init__(self, sample: Images, flat_before: Optional[Images] = None, flat_after: Optional[Images] = None, dark_before: Optional[Images] = None, dark_after: Optional[Images] = None, name: str = ""): super().__init__(name=name) self.sample = sample self.flat_before = flat_before self.flat_after = flat_after self.dark_before = dark_before self.dark_after = dark_after if == "": self._name = @property def all(self) -> List[Images]: image_stacks = [ self.sample, self.proj180deg, self.flat_before, self.flat_after, self.dark_before, self.dark_after, self.sinograms ] return [image_stack for image_stack in image_stacks if image_stack is not None] + self.recons.stacks @property def proj180deg(self): if self.sample is not None: return self.sample.proj180deg else: return None @proj180deg.setter def proj180deg(self, _180_deg: Images): self.sample.proj180deg = _180_deg
[docs] def delete_stack(self, images_id: uuid.UUID): if isinstance(self.sample, Images) and == images_id: self.sample = None # type: ignore elif isinstance(self.flat_before, Images) and == images_id: self.flat_before = None elif isinstance(self.flat_after, Images) and == images_id: self.flat_after = None elif isinstance(self.dark_before, Images) and == images_id: self.dark_before = None elif isinstance(self.dark_after, Images) and == images_id: self.dark_after = None elif isinstance(self.proj180deg, Images) and == images_id: self.sample.clear_proj180deg() elif isinstance(self.sinograms, Images) and == images_id: self.sinograms = None elif images_id in self.recons.ids: for recon in self.recons: if == images_id: self.recons.remove(recon) else: raise KeyError(_delete_stack_error_message(images_id))