mantidimaging.core.operations.ring_removal.ring_removal module

class mantidimaging.core.operations.ring_removal.ring_removal.RingRemovalFilter[source]

Bases: BaseFilter

Remove ring artifacts from images in the reconstructed domain.

Intended to be used on: Reconstructed slices

When: To remove ring-artifacts that have not been removed, or have been introduced by pre-processing

static execute_wrapper(center_mode=None, x_field=None, y_field=None, thresh=None, thresh_max=None, thresh_min=None, theta=None, rwidth=None)[source]

Should construct a partial call to _filter_func using values taken from the widgets passed to this function as kwargs. :param kwargs: widgets which contain values required for _filter_func. :return: a partial call to _filter_func using parameters taken from the input widgets.

static filter_func(images: Images, center_mode='image center', center_x=None, center_y=None, thresh=300.0, thresh_max=300.0, thresh_min=-100.0, theta_min=30, rwidth=30, cores=None, chunksize=None, progress=None)[source]

Removal of ring artifacts in reconstructed volume. Uses Wavelet-Fourier based ring removal

  • images – Sample data which is to be processed. Expected in radiograms

  • center_mode – Whether to use the center of the image or a user-defined value

  • center_x – (float, optional) abscissa location of center of rotation

  • center_y – (float, optional) ordinate location of center of rotation

  • thresh – (float, optional) maximum value of an offset due to a ring artifact

  • thresh_max – (float, optional) max value for portion of image to filter

  • thresh_min – (float, optional) min value for portion of image to filer

  • theta_min – (int, optional) minimum angle in degrees to be considered ring artifact

  • rwidth – (int, optional) Maximum width of the rings to be filtered in pixels


Filtered data

filter_name = 'Ring Removal'
static register_gui(form, on_change, view)[source]

Adds any required input widgets to the given form and returns references to them.

The return values should be in a dict which can be unpacked as kwargs for a call to the operations execute_wrapper.

  • view

  • form – the layout to create input widgets in

  • on_change – the filter view action to be bound to all created inputs


the widgets bound as kwargs which are needed to call execute_wrapper

show_negative_overlay = False