mantidimaging.core.operations.rotate_stack.rotate_stack module

class mantidimaging.core.operations.rotate_stack.rotate_stack.RotateFilter[source]

Bases: BaseFilter

Rotates the image data by an arbitrary degree counter-clockwise.

Intended to be used on: Projections

When: 90 or 270 degree rotation for rotation axis to be vertical for some camera types.

Caution: Rotations of images others than multiples of 90 degrees could introduce additional artifacts in the reconstructed volume. Such rotations are usually not required as small tilts can be taken into account at the reconstruction stage.

static execute_wrapper(angle=None)[source]

Should construct a partial call to _filter_func using values taken from the widgets passed to this function as kwargs. :param kwargs: widgets which contain values required for _filter_func. :return: a partial call to _filter_func using parameters taken from the input widgets.

static filter_func(data: Images, angle=None, dark=None, cores=None, chunksize=None, progress=None)[source]

Rotates images by an arbitrary degree.

  • data – stack of sample images

  • angle – The rotation to be performed, in degrees

  • cores – cores for parallel execution

  • chunksize – chunk for each worker


The rotated images

filter_name = 'Rotate Stack'
static register_gui(form, on_change, view)[source]

Adds any required input widgets to the given form and returns references to them.

The return values should be in a dict which can be unpacked as kwargs for a call to the operations execute_wrapper.

  • view

  • form – the layout to create input widgets in

  • on_change – the filter view action to be bound to all created inputs


the widgets bound as kwargs which are needed to call execute_wrapper