mantidimaging.core.utility.cor_interpolate module

mantidimaging.core.utility.cor_interpolate.execute(data_length, slice_ids, cors_for_sinograms)[source]

Interpolates the Centers of Rotation for the sinograms that are not provided.

This expects CORs for only a few sinograms and will interpolate the rest, so that every single sinogram has an associated COR with it.

This technique has so far produced good results, when using Tomopy to do the reconstruction.

  • data_length – The length of the data along the axis we’re traversing. E.g. the number of images

  • slice_ids – The slice IDs for which we are passing the corresponding CORs

  • cors_for_sinograms – The CORs for the sinograms


A np.array with length equal to data_length containing the interpolated CORs.