class MainWindowView)[source]

Bases: BaseMainWindowView

addBtn: QPushButton
add_cor_table_row(row: int, slice_index: int, cor: float)[source]

Adds a row to the manual COR table with a specified slice index.

algorithmName: QComboBox
property algorithm_name
property alpha
alphaSpinbox: QDoubleSpinBox
property beam_hardening_coefs: List[float] | None
calculateCors: QPushButton
changeColourPaletteButton: QPushButton
change_colour_palette_dialog: PaletteChangerView | None = None
check_stack_for_invalid_180_deg_proj(uuid: UUID)[source]

Runs when the window is closed.

clearAllBtn: QPushButton
closeEvent(self, a0: Optional[QCloseEvent])[source]
corHelpButton: QPushButton
property cor_table_model: CorTiltPointQtModel
correlateBtn: QPushButton
filterName: QComboBox
property filter_name
get_auto_cor_method() AutoCorMethod[source]
get_cor_table_selected_rows() List[int][source]
get_number_of_cors() int | None[source]
get_stack(uuid) Images | None[source]
imageLayout: QVBoxLayout
inputTab: QWidget
is_auto_update_preview() bool[source]
lbhc_a0: QDoubleSpinBox
lbhc_a1: QDoubleSpinBox
lbhc_a2: QDoubleSpinBox
lbhc_a3: QDoubleSpinBox
lbhc_enabled: QCheckBox
maxProjAngle: QDoubleSpinBox
property max_proj_angle
messageIcon: QLabel
minimiseBtn: QPushButton
numIter: QSpinBox
property num_iter

Opens the Palette Changer window when the “Auto” option has been clicked.

on_table_row_count_change(_=None, __=None)[source]

Called when rows have been added or removed from the point table.

Used to conditionally enable UI controls that depend on a certain amount of entries in the table.

open_help_webpage(page: str)[source]
pixelSize: QDoubleSpinBox
property pixel_size

Handles mouse button presses on the preview projection image.

Used to set the preview slice when a user clicks on a given part of the image.

reconTab: QWidget
recon_params() ReconstructionParameters[source]
reconstructSlice: QPushButton
reconstructVolume: QPushButton
refineCorBtn: QPushButton
refineIterationsBtn: QPushButton
removeBtn: QPushButton

Resets the recon preview image, forcing a complete redraw next time it is updated.

resultCor: QDoubleSpinBox
resultSlope: QDoubleSpinBox
resultTab: QWidget
resultTilt: QDoubleSpinBox
property rotation_centre
set_correlate_buttons_enabled(enabled: bool)[source]
set_filters_for_recon_tool(filters: List[str])[source]
set_results(cor: ScalarCoR, tilt: Degrees, slope: Slope)[source]

Sets the numerical COR and tilt angle results.

set_table_point(idx, slice_idx, cor)[source]
showEvent(self, a0: Optional[QShowEvent])[source]
show_recon_volume(data: Images, stack_id: UUID)[source]
show_status_message(msg: str)[source]

Shows a status message indicating that zero/negative/NaN pixels were found in the stack. If the msg argument is empty then this is taken to mean that no such pixels were found, so the warning message and icon are cleared. :param msg: The status message.

property slope
stackSelector: DatasetSelectorWidgetView
statusMessageTextEdit: QTextEdit
tableView: RemovableRowTableView
property tilt
update_projection(image_data, preview_slice_index: int, tilt_angle: Degrees | None)[source]

Updates the preview projection image and associated annotations.

Region of interest sets the bounds of the image axes, it does not resize the data itself. The advantage of this is that the coordinates do not change.

  • image_data – Projection image data (single/2D image)

  • preview_slice_index – Y coordinate at which to draw the preview slice indicator

  • tilt_angle – Angle of the tilt line

update_recon_preview(image_data: ndarray)[source]

Updates the reconstruction preview image with new data.

warn_user(title, message)[source]