Bases: QDialog

allPushButton: QStackedWidget
buttonBox: QDialogButtonBox
chooseFileButton: QPushButton

Select a NeXus file and attempt to load it. If a file is chosen, clear the information/widgets from the QTreeWidget and enable the OK button.


Remove text and checkbox widgets from the QTreeWidget when a new file has been selected.


Disable the OK button when the NeXus file isn’t usable.

filePathLineEdit: QLineEdit
pixelDepthComboBox: QComboBox
pixelSizeSpinBox: QDoubleSpinBox
presenter: NexusLoadPresenter
previewPushButton: QStackedWidget
set_data_found(position: int, found: bool, path: str, shape: Tuple[int, ...])[source]

Indicate on the QTreeWidget if the image key and data fields have been found or not. :param position: The row position for the data. :param found: Whether or not the data has been found. :param path: The data path in the NeXus file. :param shape: The shape of the data/image key array.

static set_found_status(tree_widget_item: QTreeWidgetItem, found: bool)[source]

Adds a tick or cross to the found column in the QTreeWidget to indicate if certain data could be found in the NeXus file. :param tree_widget_item: The QTreeWidgetItem that contains a found column. :param found: Whether or not the data was found.

set_images_found(position: int, found: bool, shape: Tuple[int, int, int])[source]

Indicate on the QTreeWidget if the projections and dark/flat before/after images were found in the data array. :param position: The row position for the image type. :param found: Whether or not the images were found. :param shape: The shape of the images array.

set_projections_increment(n_proj: int)[source]

Set the properties of the indices spin boxes. :param n_proj: The number of projections that have been found in the NeXus file.

show_data_error(msg: str)[source]

Show an error about missing required data or an unreadable file. :param msg: The error message.

show_exception(msg: str, traceback)[source]

Show an error about an exception. :param msg: The error message. :param traceback: The traceback.

stackedWidget: QStackedWidget
tree: QTreeWidget