Source code for mantidimaging.core.operations.rescale.rescale

# Copyright (C) 2022 ISIS Rutherford Appleton Laboratory UKRI
# SPDX - License - Identifier: GPL-3.0-or-later

from functools import partial
from typing import Any, Dict

import numpy as np
from PyQt5.QtWidgets import QComboBox, QDoubleSpinBox

from import ImageStack
from mantidimaging.core.operations.base_filter import BaseFilter
from mantidimaging.gui.utility.qt_helpers import Type
from import FiltersWindowView

[docs] class RescaleFilter(BaseFilter): """Rescales the image data to a new [0, maximum output] range. Intended to be used on: Any When: Automatically used when saving as unsigned integer image formats, to avoid clipping negative values """ filter_name = 'Rescale'
[docs] @staticmethod def filter_func(images: ImageStack, min_input: float = 0.0, max_input: float = 10000.0, max_output: float = 256.0, progress=None) -> ImageStack: """ :param min_input: The Minimum value of the data that will be used. Anything below this will be clipped to 0. :param max_input: Maximum value of the data that will be used. Anything above it will be clipped to 0. :param max_output: Maximum value of the OUTPUT images. They will be rescaled to range [0, MAX OUTPUT]. :return: The ImageStack object scaled to a new range. """ RescaleFilter.filter_array(, min_input, max_input, max_output) return images
[docs] @staticmethod def filter_array(image: np.ndarray, min_input: float, max_input: float, max_output: float) -> np.ndarray: image[:] = np.interp(image, [min_input, max_input], [0, max_output]) return image
[docs] @staticmethod def register_gui(form, on_change, view: FiltersWindowView) -> Dict[str, Any]: from mantidimaging.gui.utility import add_property_to_form _, min_input_widget = add_property_to_form('Min input', Type.FLOAT, form=form, on_change=on_change, valid_values=(-2147483647, 2147483647), tooltip="Minimum value of the data that will be used.\n" "Anything below this will be clipped to 0") min_input_widget.setDecimals(8) _, max_input_widget = add_property_to_form('Max input', Type.FLOAT, form=form, on_change=on_change, default_value=5.0, valid_values=(-2147483647, 2147483647), tooltip="Maximum value of the data that will be used.\n" "Anything above it will be clipped to 0") max_input_widget.setDecimals(8) _, max_output_widget = add_property_to_form('Max output', Type.FLOAT, form=form, on_change=on_change, default_value=65535.0, valid_values=(1, 2147483647), tooltip="Maximum value of the OUTPUT images. They will \n" "be rescaled to range [0, MAX OUTPUT]") max_output_widget.setDecimals(8) _, preset_widget = add_property_to_form('Preset', Type.CHOICE, form=form, on_change=on_change, valid_values=["Use values from above", "int8", "int16", "int32"], tooltip="Provides pre-set ranges to rescale to.") return { 'min_input_widget': min_input_widget, 'max_input_widget': max_input_widget, 'max_output_widget': max_output_widget, 'preset_widget': preset_widget }
[docs] @staticmethod def execute_wrapper( # type: ignore min_input_widget: QDoubleSpinBox, max_input_widget: QDoubleSpinBox, max_output_widget: QDoubleSpinBox, preset_widget: QComboBox) -> partial: min_input = min_input_widget.value() max_input = max_input_widget.value() max_output = max_output_widget.value() if preset_widget.currentText() == "int8": max_output = 255.0 elif preset_widget.currentText() == "int16": max_output = 65535.0 elif preset_widget.currentText() == "int32": max_output = 2147483647.0 return partial(RescaleFilter.filter_func, min_input=min_input, max_input=max_input, max_output=max_output)
[docs] @staticmethod def validate_execute_kwargs(kwargs: Dict[str, Any]) -> bool: return True