class ndarray | SharedArray, filenames: List[str] | None = None, indices: List[int] | Indices | None = None, metadata: Dict[str, Any] | None = None, sinograms: bool = False, name: str | None = None)[source]

Bases: object

copy(flip_axes=False) ImageStack[source]
copy_roi(roi: SensibleROI)[source]
count() int[source]
counts() Counts | None[source]
static create_empty_image_stack(shape, dtype, metadata) ImageStack[source]
property data: ndarray
property dtype
property filenames: List[str] | None
property h_middle: float

Returns the horizontal middle (middle column) of the projections

property height
property id: UUID
property is_sinograms: bool
load_metadata(f: TextIO)[source]
property log_file
make_name_unique(existing_names: List[str])[source]
name: str
property num_images: int
property num_projections: int
property num_sinograms: int
property pixel_size
property proj180deg: ImageStack | None
projection(projection_idx) ndarray[source]
projection_angles(max_angle: float = 360.0) ProjectionAngles[source]

Return projection angles, in priority order: - From a log - From the manually loaded file with a list of angles - Automatically generated with equidistant step


max_angle – The maximum angle up to which the angles will be generated. Only used when the angles are generated, if they are provided via a log or a file the argument will be ignored.

property projections
real_projection_angles() ProjectionAngles | None[source]

Return only the projection angles that are from a log file or have been manually loaded. :return: Real projection angles if they were found, None otherwise.

record_operation(func_name: str, display_name, *args, **kwargs)[source]
save_metadata(f: TextIO, rescale_params: Dict[str, str | float] | None = None)[source]
set_projection_angles(angles: ProjectionAngles)[source]
property shared_array: SharedArray
sino(slice_idx) ndarray[source]
sino_as_image_stack(index) ImageStack[source]

A single sinogram slice as an ImageStack in projection ordering

property sinograms
slice_as_image_stack(index) ImageStack[source]

A slice, either projection or sinogram depending on current ordering

property uses_shared_memory: bool
property width