class ImageLoadDialog)[source]

Bases: object

do_update_field(field: Field)[source]
do_update_flat_or_dark(field: Field)[source]

Updates the memory usage and the indices in the dialog.

do_update_sample_log(field: Field)[source]
do_update_single_file(field: Field)[source]
ensure_sample_log_consistency(field: Field, file_name, image_filenames)[source]
get_parameters() LoadingParameters[source]
set_sample_log(sample_log: Field, sample_dirname, log_name, image_filenames)[source]
view: ImageLoadDialog
class, suffix, mode)[source]

Bases: NamedTuple

mode: str

Alias for field number 2

name: str

Alias for field number 0

suffix: str

Alias for field number 1